Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Seyfarth Shaw LLP case study provided by FlexPrint, a Flex Technology Group company

About Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Seyfarth Shaw LLP provides thoughtful, strategic, practical legal counsel to client companies and legal teams of all sizes. They offer a national platform and an international gateway to serve your business and legal needs in litigation, employment, corporate, real estate and employee benefits. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with more than 800 Attorneys in 14 Offices in the US, London, Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney


The legal entity was using a local copier vendor to service only the corporate fleet. Their IT team wanted visibility into all 11 US offices and a managed plan for the entire fleet of printers throughout the US. Their current printer fleet was aging and a major refresh was on the horizon.


We put all of their offices onto one managed plan immediately and refreshed 150 devices over the 11 Offices in the US. This freed up local IT managers to spend more time supporting Attorneys.

Implementing our single source/national coverage model, FlexPrint was quickly able to support all of the national locations. We were able to work directly with each office and let them maintain relationships with local service providers.

FlexPrint provided a national solution that enabled Seyfarth Shaw to utilize one vendor for their entire fleet – allowing for seamless integration amongst offices. We were able to prolong the life of the existing fleet, free up the IT department to work on more pressing matters, and provide quarterly reports to each office.


The resulting measures reduced costs by $20,000 per year. Additionally, the firm earned $40,000 in recycle rebates and over FlexPrint installed 150 more printers at no extra cost.

Seyfarth Shaw LLP has been a customer for several years.